Collaborative Law

Strategically Using Collaboration To Reduce Conflict

A divorce, custody dispute or other family law issues does not necessarily have to be contentious. Our family law attorneys at Sterba & Swope, LLP, use collaborative law to help clients resolve their legal issues. The collaborative family law process is designed to minimize conflict and help both parties in a family law dispute work constructively and together to obtain a consensus. Using this method, we find that we can help you avoid much of the conflict that often accompanies divorce and family law cases.

We have decades of family law experience and have assisted a great many families throughout northern Indiana. In developing strategies to help you achieve your goals, we prioritize your well-being and that of your children. If you are interested in working through the process with less stress and conflict, we will explain how it works and help you determine whether collaborative law is a good fit for your legal matters.

Our Pledge To Our Clients

Our team has taken the Family Law Attorney Pledge, which sums up our intentions for our clients. We pledge to:

  1. Make every reasonable effort to avoid court filings and hearings
  2. Educate our clients on the dangers of parental conflict
  3. Work to develop a culture of cooperation in resolving all child-based issues
  4. Consistently practice cooperation, courtesy and respect with all persons involved in cases
  5. Make reasonable effort to timely provide discoverable information
  6. Tailor our pleadings, communications and advocacy to civilly address issues instead of igniting litigation
  7. Work cooperatively with colleagues, self-represented litigants and the courts to assure the safety of all family members

This pledge applies to every aspect of how we handle your family legal matter, from dissolution of marriage to parenting schedules. With these tenets in mind, we keep our level of service compassionate and of the highest possible quality.

Get Our Collaborative Law Service Today

If you are interested in reducing the conflict of your family law issue, Sterba & Swope, LLP, is here to help. Discuss how collaborative law can achieve your goals. To schedule an initial consultation with us, call our Schererville office at 219-865-7400 or send us an email.