Divorce And Legal Separation

Guiding You Through Ending A Marriage

Meeting with us at Sterba & Swope, LLP, to discuss the possibility of filing for divorce/legal separation or responding to a spouse’s divorce/legal separation petition can be a very emotional and difficult experience. You can rest assured that we will listen to you and answer any questions you may have about the divorce process.

What To Know About Divorce In Lake County

In January, 2009, Lake County adopted new Local Rules of Family Law, which have, at their core, the objective of a cooperative approach to the resolution of family law matters. The adoption of the cooperative model is a change in philosophy from the traditional adversarial process in family law matters. The new Rules have the goal of protecting the best interests of children by serving the healthy and child-sensitive functioning of families.

We have taken the Family Law Attorney Pledge, along with other family law lawyers, and have pledged to (1) make every reasonable effort to avoid court filings and hearings; (2) educate our clients on the dangers of parental conflict; (3) work to develop a culture of cooperation in resolving all child-based issues; (4) consistently practice cooperation, courtesy and respect with all persons involved in cases; (5) make reasonable effort to timely provide discoverable information; (6) tailor our pleadings, communications and advocacy to civilly address issues instead of igniting litigation; and (7) work cooperatively with colleagues, self-represented litigants and the Courts to assure the safety of all family members.

Minimizing Conflict For Your Kids

The Lake County Rules of Family Law encourage, and in some cases require, meetings and/or conversations between both sides in a matter to make good faith attempts to resolve issues. In all Dissolution matters in which the parties have children under 18, the parents are required to complete website work. (More information may be found at LakeCountyKids.org)

It is also possible that the Court may order you to complete a co-parenting class. We are anxious to see some positive and lasting impacts that this alternative, child-centered approach will have on families as they go through this difficult process.

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